From the music journal Time & A Word in 7/1996:

If the soulful twin female lead vocalists of good time 60's pop legends, The Fifth Dimension merged with the '90s alternative rock sound of say, They Might Be Giants, they might come up with something like this impressive debut disc from the NYC-based group Zan Zone. Fueled by the eclectic pop songwriting, guitar skills, and production talents of Zan Burnham, this promising 8-piece group features four dynamic lead vocalists including the delightful Monique Lawson, and Tarsha Williams, with Zan and Keyboardist Mark Marshall sharing the male lead vocals. This very cool little album covers so much musical ground - from rock to reggae and blues - with strong emotions coming through. Recommended cuts, "Some Days" "I Won't Live A Lie" "Baby Cried" "The Days Of Our Lives".

From The Musician's Exchange 9/1995:

This one starts off way cool with Gregorian chants in Latin, dark sound effects and general weird stuff. Real spooky. The playing is first rate and so are the grooves and songs. Sometimes I hear shades of Paul Simon and Pink Floyd, but it doesn't sound anything like them. This is truly an original CD. It's weird and wonderful and a definite keeper. - FB****(4 Stars)

From Rockline 5/1996:

I really liked the CD, in fact this one receives a lot of play time on my radio. The music is solid, the vocals are great, in a way it almost reminds me of gospel rock - sort of. The music is very upbeat, I play this whenever I need energy, this is one of the best CD's I reviewed, and I think everyone should check them out. - Guennivere


From The Music Paper in 10/1995:

Rock, reggae, blues, funky Gregorian chants and a little bit of a lot more. If variety is the spice of life, then Zan Zone is really livin'!
Excellent production, package; includes lyrics. Recommended. Eleven songs.


From The New Review in 8/1996:

This good ol' U.S. Pop-Rock group's first six songs are influenced by everything from Ska, Rap, even 13th Century Gregorian chants (translated from Latin by Zan Burnham himself). The band's size - Zan, guitar, vocals, keys, percussion and seven others - allows for considerable variations, with different members writing and singing leads. But the second half looses integration; although it picks up again, the real excitement that drives this CD is on the first half. - Caroline Goldman


From Performing Songwriter in 12/1999:

Zan Zone kick off their self-titled disc with a somewhat ominous Gregorian style chant. When that's followed by "The Days Of Our Lives", a tune that wouldn't sound out of place on Sesame Street, you know these folks are capable of tossing inhibitions to the wind and trying anything. And they do. Zan Zone is an 8-piece combo from New Jersey. Led by songwriter Zan Burnham, they cover everything from pop, rock and folk, to rhythm and blues and world music. Hell, they even rap! Guitarist Mark Marshall turns up his Marshall amp and offers up the hardest rockin' tune, "Another Night" which kind of sounds like '80s era hair metal with a better attitude. "Where There's Smoke" follows in a similar vein, and UIZWATUIZ keeps things kicking as it offers up the simple wisdom that "You can be what you wanna be but UIZWATUIZ", (you is what you is)... that is. It's quite an aural reach from one end to the other, but you have to admire them for reaching.
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