Released in 2018, It’s Only Natural is the fourth album by the Brooklyn-based rock band Zan Zone. The 11 track, 47 minute
album features the songs and vocals of band-leader Zan Burnham. In the spirit of the best American alternative rock bands, band leader Zan receives excellent support from his Zan Zone bandmates and his electric guitar work is first rate throughout.


Blending rock, jazz, blues and instrumentals, Zan Zone defies categories and comes up with a highly entertaining amalgamation of musical styles. With outstanding performances from a range of musicians, It’s Only Natural is a must hear for fans of 21st century rock music.

The 2013 Zan Zone album, Shorts remains one of the best albums
of the decade and the 2018 release of It’s Only Natural is a fantastic
follow-up. Zan’s songs, vocals and superb guitar work are tastefully enhanced by the addition of two key vocalists, Sabrina Clery and Philip Dessinger. With eleven tracks, It’s Only Natural is a
masterpiece of singer-songwriter based pop-rock sounds.



Key Points:
* IT’S ONLY NATURAL (2018) is the fourth full-length CD from Zan Zone,
arriving after the first self-titled ZAN ZONE album (1995), a pair of CD-EP releases in 1997 and 2005, a 2009 CD called TIME AND MATERIALS and the 2013 CD release of SHORTS.


* With its appealing mix of instrumentals, pop, rock, tin pan alley, blues and bluesy Americana, Zan Zone is the optimum showcase for the superb songwriting and expert guitar-based arrangements of Zan Burnham.

* IT’S ONLY NATURAL was recorded in Brooklyn, NYC and features a
number of musicians including three lead singers, Zan Burnham himself, Sabrina Clery and Philip Dessinger, along with top musicians including Zan’s daughter Arianna Burnham (backing vocals), Kurt Bergland (drums), Bill Ware (vibes) and Saadi Zain (bass)


* Zan Zone founder Zan Burnham is seeking reviews and

radio airplay for IT’S ONLY NATURAL and he is available for interviews.

ZAN ZONE – “It's Only Natural”
Album Tracks & Times
01. For the Rising Sun - 2:43
02. It's Only Natural - 3:39
03. Where There's Smoke - 4:40
04. He's Coming Home - 3:40
05. Here I Go Again - 3:55
06. Mystery - 4:20
07. Things That Make Me Cry - 4:30
08. Dem Blues Is Bad - 7:44
09 Let It Go - 3:07
10. These Dreams - 4:45
11. Champagne Enthusiasm - 4:19


Record Label Contact Info:
Zan Burnham / Randomaxe Records
web site:


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For CD copies, mp3 downloads and artist interviews:
In the U.S. contact: Rob Stevens @ Rock Rose Music
In Europe contact: Peter Holmstedt / Hemifran


Artist: Zan Zone
Album title: It’s Only Natural
Album Release Date: 2018
Packaging: 6 panel CD digi-pak with 16 page booklet. Also on
mp3 download.
Genre and Tags: Pop-rock, Americana, singer-songwriter,
instrumentals, blues, AOR, Alternative rock.
Visit Zan Zone Online:

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